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BYU Telemetry Laboratory: Wideband Channel Modeling

ARTM Wideband Multipath Channel Modeling

Channel sounding flights were conducted at Edwards Air Force base from 1998 to 1999 to quantify the multipath interference in aeronautial telemetry applications. The effort was sponsored by the Advanced Range Telemetry (ARTM) Program. The sounding signal was transmitted from an airborne transmitter and received by a ground station equipped with a parabolic reflector antenna with tracking capability.


Flight Number Carrier Frequency Receive Antenna Diameter Date
10 1510.5 MHz 8 feet 19 December 1998
11 2344.5 MHz 15 feet 16 February 1999
12 2360.5 MHz 8 feet 22 February 1999
18 1460.5 MHz 4 & 8 feet 28 July 1999



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